Actress Ini Edo’s marriage in shambles???

Culled From Global news. Magazine

According to Global News magazine; in a typical African society like ours, there are certain norms and behaviour expected of married women, and there are those looked upon as taboos especially when the women are not in company of their husbands. It is therefore surprising that more than three years after she tied the knot, Ini Edo Ehiagwina is still of the belief that she is still that explosive single lady.

These days, Ini Edo has been caught behaving more irresponsibly than when she was still a spinster. The plump dark-skinned actress who got married to Philip Ehiagwina, a US-based Nigerian divorcee has not come to terms three years into her marriage that she’s actually married, as she has at several times be sighted very odd hours at clubs in drunken state.

The Calabar-born actress had reduced her club life to the barest minimum immediately she got married, but her recent appearance at clubs is raising suspicions that all may not be too well with her marriage. She was sighted at Club 10, Victoria Island in Lagos on the March 28, around 1a.m. and the state she was found in was not befitting a married woman. Sporting a black mini gown with white collar, Ini Edo arrived at the club dead drunk; she was in such a drunken state that she could not stand upright and could only stagger to her seat.

Those around could not help but comment that the Nollywood actress might have just rediscovered her appetite for booze as she would not leave until she had soaked herself in alcohol. They were wondering aloud as to the reason she decided to plunge herself back into a habit she worked so hard to get out of initially. It is not new that Ini Edo was a club and booze freak while she was single, but in her bid to launch herself into the married class, she had put a stop to the kind of life she was known for as a spinster and the return to the lifestyle may mean the rumour that all is not well with the marriage may after all not be unfounded.

Philip her husband who is based in the United States of America, has of late not been regular in the country and this may be adding strain to the union, with Ini Edo knowing fully well her husband’s prowess with women, a reason she had fought many ladies before and after their wedding to stay off her man. It is no secret how she was able to win the man from his first marriage to Ruth Okoro, how she had to fight a female journalist she thought was getting too close to the man before the marriage and how she warned several of her Nollywood friends to stay off her man after the marriage proper. And his continuous stay in America may have forced so many thoughts into her mind, which could be the reason she’s back to her reckless self.

It was even alleged that her inability to conceive after three years of marriage may also be mounting pressure on her relationship as it is suspected that the husband’s family has started raising eyebrows. Ini Edo and Philip tied the nuptial knots in 2009 in the United States of America after their traditional marriage in 2008. Her failure to have an issue was initially said to be due to Ini Edo’s work and the husband residing abroad but three years down the line, tongues have started wagging and this may be having its own effect on the actress.

Quote of the day- “I’m the female version of my dad”( Charly Boy) – Dominique Oputa says

Dominique Oputa is the last child of the areafada himself, Charly Boy. She currently lives in Atlanta where she’s studying Fashion and Design in the University of Arts Institute. Her dream is to become a famous designer some day. Like her famous dad, Dominique has tattoos and piercings and is very fearless. In this interview with New Wave Productions, she talks about her life in the US, her father and his influence in her life.

Are you happy to be home; would you settle in Nigeria or you would finally settle abroad?

This will always be home for me, at least, it’s comforting to know one is with family, and I am glad to be home. I missed home, mum and dad. Things may not be what it should be, but home is it. There were too many things I took for granted before I left, but now I know better. When I’m done with schooling, I will be back home, to do my own thing too, even though, the weather is killing me right now”.

You are a child of two different cultures, how do you cope?

When I was home, I grew up fast; I had that independent spirit, so I’m coping real good. I am working now and schooling, I simply just thank God. Growing up with my parents kept me on the straight and narrow path, trust Dad, we all know how strict he gets sometimes, although I am old enough, I guess in his eyes, I will forever remain his baby. However growing up in Nigeria, prepared me for my independence. Nigerian children are more grounded than the Americans. We mature quicker and early enough to start taking responsibilities.

You look so much like your father in looks and style, is this deliberate?

I think I’m just the female version of my dad, we are just the same pretty much, I guess I caught his cold after years of being around him. I have always admired him for his freedom and his tenacity at a time when it was taboo to look that way. In my case, the whole thing just grew on me.

I don’t do all I do because I am trying to be like my dad. I am just Dominique, even though I wear tattoos and have piercings, but it’s just because I love them, not because I got influenced by my dad. There are many people who do this stuff, not because anyone, but because they are just comfortable that way.

What’s is your choices of career, and what influence does your dad have regarding that?

I want to be a designer and a stylist. I am like my mother in that regards. I like to make things, and I’m good with my hands too. As long as you walk that positive part and observe dad’s little rules, you are free to express yourself any which way creatively. Knowing the battle dad fought for his independence, it would be wrong for him to remote us into something else that does not agree with our innate ability.

My dad didn’t influence my choice of career, it is just what I’ve always loved and desired to do. I have always had a love for fashion since I was in high school. I could say a little bit of influence as to his nature but not like I was pressured or told to do what I am doing now.

What is Charlyboy like as father?

Like any normal parent, always looking out for their children and wanting the best for them. Most of the time, he is easy with us, especially when we are good. How ever, sometimes he is a bit old fashioned and can be very strict.

Growing up, he was really strict but I actually understand now that I’m grown that he was just looking out for me. People see him differently on the outside but to be honest, he is really a cool guy. He really understands and I could tell him anything. He is like an elder brother or a friend. Yes, I’m very close to my dad.

We all know there is no smoke without fire. How weird is your father, is he as weird as it is made public…like sleeping in coffins, having pythons as pet and even that his sexuality is questionable?

Hahaha…my dad is an entertainer, that’s what he does for a living, and as an entertainer you would attract all sorts, good, bad, ugly. It is their stock in trade. At home, we don’t see any of this, it’s as normal as it could ever be, but I guess people confuse his life as Charlyboy with his life as Mr Oputa, they are two different entities. The man I know as my dad is Mr Charles Oputa.

Do you share intimate stuff with your dad?

Yeah, I share intimate stuff with him. Once, I had shared the story of the birds and the bees with him and it wasn’t funny, maybe the timing was wrong. But we are still very close and we talk pretty well. I don’t feel like I need to hide anything from him, I just feel like I am an open book.

Are your parents still together? What is their relationship like?

Yes, they are still together. Every relationship is hard; there needs to be collective efforts to make it work. I think they have had a cool relationship thus far, though, they have their bitter moments sometimes, but what they share is worth emulating, it’s kind of what I would like to have in future, with my husband whenever I marry.

What about your mum?

She is cool. I love her; she has always been there for me. We have a very good relationship.

What about all the funny stories about your dad, how does it affect you,
how do you deal with that?

Some pictures came out some few months ago and I really didn’t know how to react to it then. I know who my father is, but sometimes, people’s ignorance and bad words can get to you. That is the price we all have to pay, for being Charlyboys offspring; but on the whole, I am proud of where I am coming from. I have a thick skin now so nothing anybody writes gets to me again. I just tell myself, I know who this person is and I am not going to get upset over words. It is something I have gotten used to over the years, so it no longer bothers me when he does some weird stuff. Sometimes, it gets so annoying being his daughter because I don’t like so much attention focused on me, I hate crowd around me. I am glad he is my dad, but sometimes it’s way too much.

How does being Charlyboy’s daughter help you?

I’m proud of my name, but I don’t go about telling people that I’am Charlyboys daughter. I even hide that angle, because you want to know who your real friends are, not based on something else. I don’t think anyone of us wears it as a badge. I love to be seen as Dominique, not as Charlyboy’s daughter. Though, I am independent, I still love my family’s name and no one can make me feel bad about it.

What do you feel about Nigeria’s economy right now?

Nigeria’s economy is very bad. I feel like nothing is going to work anymore, like when something is so damaged beyond repairs. Over there, they are so ignorant; they still feel Africa is a jungle. I am also scared of the Boko Haram insurgence in Nigeria, even though people die everywhere; Nigeria already has a bad name that generates gossips in other countries after a small strike.

What’s that one bad habit you picked up from your dad?

I easily get angry, even though I am calm and easy going; the slightest things get me angry. My dad is a little bit short fused, though age has mellowed him down some little, I think we all took that from him.

What are the positives you got from him?

We are very focused in anything we want to do, and I am sure, all of us have that fighting spirit, the never say die attitude. We are also people friendly.

Are you a Christian?

I am pretty much a Christian, but I am not a regular churchgoer. I don’t like being forced to go to church. I don’t feel good about the fact that I don’t go to church anyway. In our family, we are more spiritual than religious.

Luis Suarez banned for 10 matches by FA for biting Ivanovic

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has received a 10-game ban from the English FA for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during a game on Sunday April 21st.

The FA released a statement today saying:
“A three-person independent regulatory commission today
upheld the FA’s claim that a suspension of three matches
was clearly insufficient and the player will serve a further
seven first-team matches in addition to the standard three.
The suspension begins with immediate effect.”

Jay Z Linked to Satanic Sex Cult – Ordo Templi Orientis

From The Daily Mail

Ordo Templi Orientis founding ‘prophet’ Aleister Crowley, who was born into an upper-class British family in 1875, styled himself as ‘the Great Beast 666’. He was an unabashed occultist who, prior to his death in 1947, reveled in his infamy as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.

His form of worship involved sadomasochistic sex rituals with men and women, spells which he claimed could raise malevolent gods and the use of hard drugs, including opium, cocaine, heroin and mescaline.

Crowley’s motto — perpetuated by OTO — was ‘do what thou wilt’. And it is this individualistic approach that has led to a lasting fascination among artists and celebrities.

…celebrities linked to OTO include the rapper Jay-Z, who has repeatedly purloined imagery and quotations from Aleister Crowley.
Whether wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘Do what thou wilt’ or hiring Rihanna to hold aloft a flaming torch in his music videos (a reference to the Illuminati, an outlawed secret society whose name supposedly derives from Lucifer, or ‘light bringer’), he has given the sect priceless publicity.

His clothing line, Rocawear, is shot through with OTO imagery such as the ‘all seeing eye’ in a triangle, the ‘eye of Horus’ (an ancient Egyptian symbol frequently referenced in occult texts) and the head of Baphomet (the horned, androgynous idol of Western occultism).

Some conspiracy theorists have seized on this as evidence that he is a member of a secret Masonic movement which they believe permeates the highest levels of business and government.

Others take a more pragmatic view: that it is commercial opportunism, cashing in on impressionable teens’ attraction to the ‘edginess’ of occult symbolism.

Now people what’s your take on this? Do u believe its true or not?

Media personality Toke Makinwa’s fiance, Maje Ayida, involved in car accident

Maje Ayida, is the CEO of Eden Lifestyle, and media personality Toke Makinwa’s fiance was involved in a ghastly accident on Sunday April 21.

According to Maje, he and his dad were on their way to Oriental Hotel Lekki to have lunch when a police escort trying to catch up with a convoy crashed into his vehicle. Fortunately, he and his dad left the scene without a scratch. Thank Goodness!!