My name has brought good luck to Nigeria — President Jonathan says

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday said despite the security challenges in parts of the country, his first name had brought some good luck to Nigeria.

Jonathan said this while granting an interview to a 10-year-old Nigerian girl based in California, Miss Zuriel Oduwole, on the sideline of the ongoing 21st ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Africa Union holding in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Oduwole who was said to have earlier interviewed some other African leaders is working on a documentary on the union’s 50 years of existence.

She had sought to know from Jonathan how much good luck his first name had brought to the country under his leadership.

Jonathan said religion and traditional societies attached some values to names.

This, he said, was why parents select good names for their children.

He said, “Traditional societies attach some values to names. That is why people select good names for their children.

“In the scriptures sometimes, when God sends you on some special assignment, He could even direct, ‘change the name of this child from this to that.’

“But the name in itself does not make much difference because even from my village, there is one of my peers that also answers Goodluck. Another one that is a little older than me answers Lucky from my small village and I didn’t see the good luck and lucky in them.

“In terms of bringing my name to bear in Nigerian affairs, within this period, we have our challenges. Of course, you are aware that we have our security challenges. But in spite of the security challenges, the country is moving on. I will say yes, it brought some good luck to the country.”

On the legacy he would want to leave behind at the expiration of his tenure, Jonathan said he would like to be remembered for sanitising the nation’s electoral system as well as fixing the power poor and security challenges.

“If we can stabilise the electoral process, sanitise the political environment, then we make sure that we have power in this country and of course, security, every other things will take off on its own,” the President said.

Jonathan said he would also like the sanitation going on in the electoral system to be internalised in all sectors of the country.

He said, “People should be allowed to decide who governs them, who represents them at the parliament, who runs their affair at the local government level; the country never had that opportunity and the elite were no longer interested even in voting.

“Democracy was almost left floating in the hands of people who ordinarily have no place there. So, we are sanitising the electoral process. Now, Nigerians can select who they want to be their President, who they want to be their governor, who they want to be their senator, who they want to be their House of Representatives member or even their state House of Assembly member or even chairman of their council.

“We are doing that and I want that to be internalised in all the ways we do things. I want people to remember me for that.”

Jonathan also talked of his desire to put the nation on a better stead in the area of Information Technology.

He said with technological development, power could be stabilised and then, micro, small and medium scale enterprises would be encouraged.

These, he added, are the areas that create jobs for the people, improve the economy and reduce poverty to the barest minimum.

Also, the President said for African countries to come out of the woods and take their rightful positions among the comity of nations, their leaders must deepen democracy by avoiding abuse of power and impunity.

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How actress Laide Bakare Used Ex-Hubby To Obtain American Green Card Marriage Crashed 9 Months Ago

Some days ago, fans of Nigerian actress, Laide Bakare, were surprised to learn that her marriage has crashed. The news came to them as a rude shock because such was never envisaged.

We can authoritatively inform you that Laide’s marriage to US-based Olumide Okufulire crashed over nine months before she made the issue public days ago. The actress had successfully kept the secret of her troubled marriage from the press, save for few people, who were aware of the ugly development.

Information at our disposal has it that Laide switched her love from Okunfulire early after securing an American green card, which qualified her for some social benefits in the USA.

Our findings revealed that Okunfulire, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland in the US, filed for green cards for Laide and Simisola (their daughter), which were eventually granted when the American government confirmed that Okunfulire was legally married to the actress.

When the application was approved, Laide and her daughter, Simisola, travelled to America in 2012, and landed in Baltimore to join Olumide.

“Laide only used Olumide (Okunfulire) to obtain an American green card,” a competent source told us, adding that, “she only wanted to get that (American green card) and dump the poor man.”

“These [Nollywood] actresses can be desperate and can do anything to get whatever they want. It is very unfortunate that Olumide became a victim of Laide’s deceit,” the source further said.

Speaking further, our source alleged that, “Laide was not faithful to him (Okunfulire), she was always giving one excuse or the other whenever she went outside their matrimonial home. She would always say, ‘I am on a movie location.’

“Trust me, Tunde (Oriowo, Laide’s new husband) will get a share of Laide’s ‘excuses’, you will say I said so in future, just wait and see.”

We were unable to get Laide to speak on the allegations as at press time. Her publicist declined to speak to us, when we contacted him on the matter.

Culled from First Weekly Magazine

Breaking News: PDP Suspends Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi From The Party

Following the imbroglio that trailed the election and wining of Nigeria’s Government Forum by Rotimi Amaechi a couple of days back, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has concertedly suspended the controversial River State governor from the party.

This was announced shortly after an emergency meeting of its National Working Committee held this morning.

If you remember, two days back, Plateau state Governor, Jonah Jang was announced to resume as Chairman of the governors, an act that was supported by 18 state governors.

It’s definitely not the end of the road as Rotimi, who has been having a running battle with his boss, His Excellency, president Goodluck Jonathan, will not take the suspension lightly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for latest development.

EFCC Petition Against Daniel Ademinokan By Toju Omagbemi

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No matter how long falsehood travels, truth, they say, will catch up with it. There is this expose on the estranged husband of the controversial actress, Stella Damasus, Daniel Ademinokan, whowas said to have seen Stella as a blessing to his life. Daniel, according to a close source, was said to have had questionable character, is said to be at crossroads on how best to quench the inferno of series of attacks he’s swimming in over her liaison with Stella.

It was gathed through one of the female writers in Nigeria based in Germany, Stella Dimoko-Korku, about all the secret things Daniel indulged into and other stuff, enjoy your reading after cut…..

“Mr Toju Omagbemi called me on Thursday may 23,2013 and he was very upset about what he had to say.

He wondered why the media was showing off Daniel as a big boy..he said ”you people should stop promoting bawo,bawo does not have any money,he is a fraudster and his lifestyle is not how you people are projecting it,he is a fraudster and I am sure he is living off Stella who is so desperate to get a husband”

He introduced himself as ”Mr Toju Omagbeni otherwise known as TJ,former entertainment organiser but now an Engineer with PHCN”

After he was done, I began to ask questions.

”Mr Toju why are you calling DANIEL bawo?and why are you saying he is a broke man and fraudster?do you know he bought a house in Abuja?

”Abeg leave all this English name,his name is Bawo and he didn’t buy any house in Abuja,it is all Stella’s money.Bawo doesn’t have ten kobo,hes living off Stella’s loot. he don chop finish when he go buy house? him mama don chop finish?hisssssssss .

please leave this matter,i know bawo reach we are talking,i have been reaching out to all his family members to let them know i am looking for him to refund the money he duped.

I don’t know what he must have told Stella but bawo is an itsekiri boy,we know each other well and hes not up to Stella’s 35yrs that she celebrated,Bawo is a small by where Stella is…Stella dey fool herself.

”Mr Toju do you realise Daniel graduated with a first class degree in computer science?”

”which first class degree in computer science?from which school?did he graduate from university of Ibadan?he should pay back the three million naira and stop deceiving himself.

he invested the money he duped and is printing tee shirts with his name as Dabishop on it,hes buying expensive things for Stella that did not sweat with him,hes an opportunist…Stella that has dated everyone?infact let me leave that Stella’s is Stella’s late husband Jaiye that i used to know and I respect his memory so let me face Daniel.

Doris is not a saint but she is a good girl,this is not any kind of propaganda for her but she is a good woman and when i arrested Daniel she did everything in her power to bail him.

Daniels file is still open at panti and I can give you numbers of people who know about this was pastor ighodalo that bailed him the last time he was arrested and detained.

I have been looking for him only to start reading on the Internet again that he is everywhere spending money on Stella,where he see am? he must be definitely spending her money,that must be the hold she has over him,the boy get long throat,an opportunist to the core.

He should just sit down and hide in that America that he has run to because if i catch him he will vomit that money by hook or by crook.Bawo should know that I am looking for him,anywhere he likes he should hide.i will get him.

I have spread my tentacles to that America that he has run to,he must pay that money.he will not know any peace until he pays that money back…I am not the only one even looking for him,his crimes are plenty and he is a Casanova,a very coded one.If Stella thinks she has seen a husband she is fooling herself.

I hear from family members that they are engaged and they relocated for now because of the heat on them.that’s their business,bawo should pay me the money and stop feeling like a star wearing designer things all over bought by Stella damasus”

I asked him if he had evidence that Daniel(Bawo)has swindled him or evidence of arrest and he sent an EFCC petition written against him and even said the money was transferred into Daniels account.

He sent me the petition and i sent some questions back to him by email and his response is underneath

.Mr Toju,i have seen the copies of the EFCC petition you sent come you have not been able to track down Daniel to pay you back the monies he collected?he has temporarily relocated to America,so if you couldn’t get him when he was here,how will you get him now that hes far away?

….. The police in Panti CID and Awolowo Way,Ikoyi Police station, arrested him in 2006, but he jumped bail and never reported back. On the issue of getting him in the US, I am hoping to use the media and every other possible means to expose him.

how long have you known Daniel Ademinokan?

I have known him for ten years

You said something which caught my fancy on the phone,you said Daniel is a small boy and Stella should stop deceiving herself.what did you mean.

…. age-wise, I believe Stella is far older than he is. He was born in the early 80s.

you also said that knowing Daniel very well,he must have been the one at fault over his marriage collapse with Doris.

,,,,, That is his life style, he is always jumping from one lady to another. Moreover, Doris was always behind him when the police detained him on this issue. Infact, she was the one who mobilised resources to bail him at Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Police station.

why don’t you just leave the money for Daniel,maybe he doesn’t have to pay back

….A cheat would always remain a cheat, He has to answer to his crime. I introduced him to the Atigbin’s, and his action has greatly dented my image before them. I wish to clear my name and that can only be achieved if the money is returned or when he is behind bars for his action.

Hehehehehehe!!!!! Can someone else sense what am sensing…..Lmao!!!

No more steamy roles for me-Dakore Egbuson Akande says

Culled from Sun News

Film producers and directors dreaming of featuring actress, Dakore Egbusan-Akande in a romantic role now that she has staged a comeback to Nollywood after taking time off to marry and have a baby, had better forget it!

The actress who made her Nollywood debut in 2000 has declared that she can no longer act romantic roles because she is now married and so has to consider her husband’s feelings.

The curvy mother of one and star of Silent Tears stated that her career has now taken on a new dimension and consequently, she has to be more discerning in the roles she chooses to act.

“I have to consider my husband before taking any role these days,” Dakore said as a bright smile lit her features. “I will not do romantic roles as I used to back in the day. Though, if I saw a role that is good and positive, maybe I could act. I am now a new Dakore and not the old Dakore people used to know because I am coming into a new era in my career. I am now a mother and a wife. I just have to be more discerning about the movies that I embark upon.”


After she got married in what has been described as one of the most anticipated weddings in Nollywood two years ago, Dakore went into oblivion and the rumour mill was agog that her husband, Olumide Akande, had barred her from ever pursuing her first love, acting, and so she had been forced into premature retirement. However, the actress said there was no iota of truth in the rumour.

“It’s obviously not true because if it was, I wouldn’t have shot a new movie and wouldn’t be working on other movie projects,” Dakore said, shaking her head in negation and spreading her hands expansively to drive home her point. “It’s unfortunate that people just like to play into stereotypes. At this stage we are all grown up and we all know that life is not the way it was when we were growing up so women often have to work and earn a living. But aside the financial aspect, I also love what I do. I never retired from Nollywood and my husband never barred me from acting.”

But she’s married to a stupendously rich man, why is she bothered about working when she could just laze away while her husband takes care of her every need? “It doesn’t matter,” she retorts, “I am very independent and like taking care of things and apart from that, my acting is a gift from God. I would be very wrong if I were to dump it.”

Home front

Dakore is always in the limelight, and as an actress, she runs a tight schedule. How is her husband coping? “He is doing very well. I must commend him. He understands the nature of my job and he has been very supportive, he is my greatest fan ever. My husband is a very confident man and he understands it’s my job so he is not jealous that I am in the limelight.


Dakore, who exchanged marital vows with her heartthrob, Olumide Akande in January 2011, and who wowed audiences when she made her first post baby appearance during the premiere of I’ll Take My Chances, spoke about motherhood and how it has transformed her.

“Motherhood makes me appreciate my mum a lot more because now I know what she went through raising me and my siblings. It’s made me a much calmer person. Now I have to watch out for my daughter and give her the very best in life. I am a much more mature and evolved person,” she said.

So, now that Dakore has a baby girl, how many more kids is she planning to have?

The actress bursts into laughter as she responds thus: “I don’t know. I am just enjoying having a baby. She is not even two years yet so I am not in a hurry. God knows, my baby means the world to me. She inspires me to want to go back to work. I don’t mind if she ends up an actress tomorrow; she can do whatever she wants to do in life. I will only encourage her.”

Most of her peers are now into movie production. What are her plans? Dakore pauses for a while before responding: “That’s quite complex. Going into movie production is a great idea but as you know, it’s very complex; not as easy as you think.”

London in a state of emergency For Patience Ozokwo Son’s Wedding (Pictures)

On Saturday, May 25, 2013, the city of London was at a state of emergency for the wedding of Patience Ozokwo popularly known as Mama G the general’s Son.

The wedding turned out to be a great success. It had in attendance the Aneke twins also. Friends, family members and well-wishers of the actress made the day of Mama G. See pictures after cut…. Congrats to them!!!