Good Men Will Treat You With Love And Respect—Actress Stephanie Okereke Linus says

The Popular and Happily married actress, Stephanie Linus shared some vital tips with single ladies on her blog a while ago. Enjoy….

Hi ladies :

The words in the picture below mean a lot and I think it’s something we should all take seriously

Many times as women, we tend to feel incomplete without a man by our side and would go to great lengths to ensure we don’t remain “single”. I know that feeling.

But it’s also important we do not express our vulnerability or sound too desperate that we forget to build ourselves up as individuals. Sometimes, we give up our lives, our careers, our dreams for the desires of a man and leave our own self worth and fulfillment aside.

I am not trying to undermine the importance of men in our lives. Our husbands, our partners, our relationships are very important and sacrifices can, and should be made sometimes. However, I’d just like to remind us today not to forget who we really are.

I know its hard, especially for women who have reached a certain age, to feel incomplete without a man in their lives. But please, do not lose track of your dreams. When you build yourself and you are proud of the person you are, you will naturally attract good men who would be inspired by your success and treat you with love and respect.

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Model And Jim Iyke Ex-Fiance Is Throwing A Birthday Bash For Her Dog [Pictures]

Keturah Hamilton who is a model & aspiring actress, more popularly known as Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke‘s ex-fiancee has found a new love after reportedly saying jim Iyke used and dumped her, you won’t believe who she is now in love with and about throwing a birthday party for the new love.

She is about to throw a birthday bash for her Dog! A friend of hers who she invited revealed

“So, Keturah my very good friend sent me a message to attend an impromptu birthday party this evening in her house located in Westchester County in New York City. Birthday bash in January when yours sincerely knows this super model celebrates her Bdays every September, Reading through her text message again which I thought she sent out as a result of the terrible cold weather in New York City, I saw a birthday Cake and a photo of her dog she calls ‘Brooklyn’! this is really the first time somebody would tell me to attend a dog birthday party.

So, who will cut the cake for ‘Brooklyn’ and how will this dog do her birthday dance? This is a serious matter. I have seen ‘Brooklyn ‘baby’! Well, one is tempted to attend this funny party this evening, but why in heavens name will I attend a dog’s birthday bash? “ She said

Yoruba comic actor Sanyeri Denies Selling Wedding CD To Marketer

How Actor Sanyeri Turned His Wedding into a Begging Circus


Comic Yoruba actor, Sanyeri has denied selling his wedding CD to a marketer as widely reported. The actor was accused of selling the video of his December 2013 wedding to a marketer for N1million. The CD, which is titled ‘Igbeyawo Sanyeri’ has since hit the market.

Now the full gist is that the wedding took place at the Anchor event center Ikeja on a hot sunday afternoon, 1st December 2013 precisely. In attendance were Nollywood Actors, Dignitaries, family and Friends of the couple.

And the event was nothing to write home about, rowdy, and a big disapointment to guests.  Mr. Sanyeri’s was said to have used millions of naira in organising the de-tastful event.

And that Sanyeri went about soliciting for funds from one politician to another, he even raised a committee to this effect to fund this great investment of his. In his greed, sold low quality Ankara materials, which will not go for more that #2,500 in the market for #20,000. Lmao!!!

The Ankara was said to be the gate pass to the event. That he made his guests pay into his account before giving them, so when they get it, they can’t reject it since they’ve paid a non refundable sum of #20,000for the aso-ebi Ankara.

Sanyeri is saying now that he doesn’t know anything about it…..see what he told Encomium magazine after cut…

“It’s true that my wedding CD is in the market but I am not the one that sold the master CD. It’s Pasuma who owns the music. The marketer contacted him, not me’,”

Nollywood is in a disgracefully sickening state

Veteran actress and mother of star director Clarence Peters spoke about her disappointment with how the movie industry is today:

“It hasn’t improved at all. It is now a proverbial ‘ state’ that makes one to weep. Everything has fallen to a disgraceful state. No standards are left. I was on a location in Enugu last month and the production manager was insulting the director of photographer. I was shocked.

The producer and the director were shouting at each other. I could not imagine it. The artistic director would just walk away and actors are not directed on what to do. Any green horn could hit the set and believe that she could sleep her way to the top. She is pretty and sleeps with the Executive Producer. It’s just sickening.

And they say to you, this movie is meant for the market and the cinema. It is not for film festival, just do it anyhow because this is for inside the market. That goes to show there are no standards. It is pathetic.”

Olamide, Phyno To Release Collabo Album

Two popular indigenous rappers, Olamide and Phyno have disclosed their intentions to release a collabo album later this year. Olamide and Phyno have been on the rise and are two of the best rappers in the country.

The ‘Eni Duro’ crooner announced the proposed project, which will be entitled ‘‘2 Kings‘. Phyno also confirmed the news on his Instagram page.While Olamide is regarded as the kings of Yoruba rap music, Phyno controls the Igbo section of rap.