10things ur boyfriends or spouse doesnt want u to know

    He Only Pretends Not to Listen.

He heard what you said. He’s just not interested in hearing it at the moment. Don’t try to give your man instructions or talk about your feelings when he’s watching TV (especially sports), eating, reading, or has just come home from work. He will only be half listening. His mind is on other things like: will his team win, his day at work, how hungry he is, etc. He can only pay attention to one thing at a time. If he lets you think that he is giving you his full attention, and then you will want to talk to him at these inappropriate moments all the time. If he gives you a detailed response, you’ll just continue to talk. If he completely ignores you, you’ll get mad. If he pretends that he is listening, you will be content and walk away.



  .  .  He Needs Time Away From You.

Men need time to reflect, socialize and just get away from it all. Men like the time to regroup. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be with us, it is just an escape to appreciate what they have at home. So lighten up, while he’s out of the house, take the kids out or get a babysitter and go something you enjoy.


He Does Look at Other Women.


Not because he wants to cheat, but because men are visually stimulated. Getting mad at him for looking is just going to make him sneak a peek. Hey, it’s just a passing glance. It’s not like we don’t check guys out too!


  He Doesn’t Feel Like Being Bothered Sometimes

You’ve probably asked him to do something several times, but yet he still doesn’t do it in a timely manner. In frustration, you do it yourself. What is he thinking, “Thank Goodness!” Men do things at their own pace. You can ask your man to take out the trash and 3 hours later, it’s still there. Technically, he still has time to take out the trash. In his mind, the trash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and if you do it yourself, that just makes it better for him.


    He Really Enjoys Gossip

If your man overhears you gossiping on the phone, he’ll probably shake his head in disapproval. However, if he talks about Joe and Margaret, his co workers who are having an affair, it’s not gossip. Actually men enjoy to gossip. They just have a different name for it “Commenting.”


    Yes, He Was Thinking About Sex

Your man has a far away look in his eyes. He seems distant. He was thinking about sex. He can’t help it, he thinks about it several times a day. Wouldn’t you prefer that he thinks about it several times a day rather than having sex several times a day?


 When His Voice Goes High, or He Answers a Question With the Same Question, He’s Thinking of a Lie.

If you ask your man, “What You’d Do Today?’ and he replies “What I’d Do Today?” he’s probably thinking of lie. It doesn’t mean that he did something inappropriate, just something you wouldn’t approve of. Maybe, he left work early to hang out with the guys. If he told you this, you’d be upset because you had a long day at work or at home with the kids. The problem is he was having too much fun to think about if you would ask him that question, so he didn’t plan a lie beforehand.


    Nothing is Wrong, So Stop Asking Him

Admit it, you see your man sitting quietly and you naturally assume something is wrong or has happened. So you ask, “What’s wrong?” and he replies, “Nothing, I’m just thinking.” Well, this answer doesn’t satisfy you, so you ask again throughout the day, which leads to his frustration. Men reflect too! He was probably thinking about how he wants to change careers, if you are satisfied and happy with him, how he can make more money, how he doesn’t want to grow old and fat, or how he would really like to buy that sports car. Ask him once, and then leave it alone. If you really sense something is wrong, give him some time and talk to him when you both feel like talking.


  Most Men are Conquerors and Most Women are Venters

You just told him about your horrible experience at work. You want him to comfort and console you; instead he gives you logical facts about how to solve the problem. You feel cheated. You wanted to share your feelings about the day and all he wanted to do was fix the problem. Men like to offer solutions. Most men are not concerned about being in touch with their feelings when there’s a conflict. You want to feel understood; he wants to make the problem go away. He can’t relate to how you are feeling, so he does what he knows best, helps you to plan a solution.


    He Wants to Feel Successful.

A man needs to feel he has accomplished something in life, and often times that accomplishment is found in their jobs or careers. Men don’t like to feel conflicted between work and quality time with their families. To men, if they are working hard to earn money, this will improve the quality of their family’s life.

Ladies all of these are facts about men.

Woman Sleeps With My Daughter’s Lover: “this Is The Result” – She Explains


I’m at a loss as to how things happen so fast these days. I had a crazy séx on cool night with a young man for just about ten minutes and the next thing I see myself pregnant. How can this happen to me? Why should I find myself in such a shameful situation? Am I the first woman to have séx with a young boy?

The thing that bothers me most is this séx machine (he’s very good) is my daughter’s boyfriend.

Right now I wish to have him all to myself. But how am going to handle my daughter is the problem. She claims they are in love with with each other but her lover couldn’t say no when I ask him to sleep with me. It was as if he wanted me more than I wanted him.


My daughter is just 21 and my age is double of hers cos I was almost 21 when I gave birth to her. Her father is gone and the responsibility of taking care of her was all mine. I gave her a good life as much as my income could carry and she’s ok.

My headache is this pregnancy. Her boyfriend didn’t know am pregnant for him and my daughter has no idea we are seeing each other. The only man in my life right now is married with wife and three kids.

I know I’ve made mistakes but I’ve read other people’s stories on TON and I felt I could get some help here that’s why am asking for help.

What is the best option for me cos abortion is not an option?

Should I take this sweet boy from my daughter and ask her to let go since am her mother? Afterall she can get another young guy to date. Or I should give the pregnancy to the married man am dating?

But I don’t think I want to leave this sweet boy for my small girl.

Naa wa when God dey share shame” some people travel; sure this woman travelled too cos she’s got noooooo shame biko!!

10 tips on Making Long Distance Relationships Work

 Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy. It requires very strong trust, commitment, guidelines, and communication. Studies show that a majority of people involved in long distance relationships eventually break up.That’s why you see so many “experts” proclaiming that long distance relationships are a bad idea and don’t work. Yet if you learn to master communication and set the parameters of your relationship, it can work. It’s an uphill battle, but it is possible, and many people do eventually become happily married as a result of being in a long distance relationship. Am speaking this because i was once a victim but with time i learnt and hope the little tips stated below helps.


1) Establish the relationship rules and parameters:- Individuals in a long distance relationship who do not set rules, or deal with changes, end up breaking up within six months. This means that it is vital that you and your partner set rules and parameters to guide your long distance relationship. This includes an agreement that you will not date others, that you will communicate daily, and that you’ll see each other at least once every 2-3 months in person.


2. Communicate Every Single day:-Part of a successful long distance relationship is being able to emulate patterns found in regular relationships. One of these patterns is daily communication. The evolution of the Internet is godsend for people who are in long distance relationships. Not only can you communicate via email and instant messaging for free, but you can also talk to each other through free services like Skype.

3) Express Your Feelings:-Learning to express your feelings to your long distance partner in email, IM, and on the phone is important for the growth and stability of your relationship. One of the ways it increases your relationship stability is by providing “reassurance” to the other person about your commitment to him/her. When you express your feelings, you are letting your partner know that you are committed to making the relationship work.

4) Send Care Packages:- Every once in awhile prepare and send your long distance relationship partner a “care package”. Here are several things you might consider putting in the package (not all at once, of course; pace yourself and your gifts like:-


SweetsReal Rose

Gift CardJewelry”Key” to Your Heart

Movie Ticket

Personalized Poem

The more personalized you can make the gifts, the bigger impact it will have when received. For example, when send some pictures of you, hold a sign in one of the pictures that says “I love you, ____” (of course yours will have a name in it, not a blank line). When sending a book, make sure the book is on something your partner is passionate about and write him/her a little note on the inside cover. Do this every time you send a book. If you send music, write something specific about a song or two that makes you think of him/her. Go to the M&Ms Website and order personalized M&Ms. Even puzzles can be customized as many places now sell make your own puzzle kits. Call up a spa in his/her area and buy a certificate that the spa will mail you then you will mail to your partner!


The more personalized and creative you can be, the more impressed your partner will be at your thoughtfulness..


5) Spend Time Together While Apart:- Even though your partner may live hours away, you can still experience “date nights” with him/her. For example, let’s say you are both interested in seeing the latest blockbuster movie. Plan to go at the exact same time (coordinate your time zones) to see the movie then when it is over call each other to discuss it. It’s fun knowing that your partner is doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time. Even though you’re apart, you’re still sharing a moment “together”.


6) Never Make Assumptions:- Always be clear about your relationship with each other. Don’t assume that your long-distance partner knows your feelings – share them. Good or bad, be clear about how you feel about the relationship. Assumptions kill many relationships, while clear communication helps relationships succeed. Perhaps Henry Winkler put it best when he said, “assumptions are the termites of relationships.” Let your partner clearly know your ambitions, fears, feelings, and desires. This will allow him/her to share something deeper with you as you both work together towards mastering your communication abilities

7) Trust One Another:- Low self-esteem and a lack of trust can ruin wonderful relationships. For example, a woman I know once met this really nice, thoughtful, and sincere man. She met him via online dating – the first guy she met after spending three years “healing” from her last relationship. Unfortunately, she still carried baggage from the failure of her last relationship. Instead of recognizing this guy as different, she lumped all men into the same boat as her failed relationship. She was distrusting and insecure. In the end, she lost the guy as a result.

It’s important not to draw associations between the person you are currently seeing and past failed relationships. Give the person an honest chance. I live by the philosophy that “I will fully trust a person until they give me a reason not to”. This philosophy is very important in long distance relationships because if you start to lose trust and become insecure then your relationship will soon be sabotaged… by you

8. Plan Regular Meetings:- Meeting regularly is vital to the success of your long-distance relationship. As discussed in tip #1, it’s important to set parameters on things like when you’ll meet and how often. And when you settle on a date, it’s very important that you make sure nothing interferes with it. When you cancel an in-person meeting (“My friends invited me to the party that weekend” or “I didn’t realize finals were that week”) you send a strong message that the relationship is not a priority in your life. You should be canceling other events in order to see your partner. If you’re allowing other events to interfere with your get-togethers, then then you might want to re-evaluate why you’re in a relationship.

9. Share Passions:- The great thing about long-distance relationships is that you tend to get to know your partner much better than if you were physically together. As a result, you learn much more about your partner’s likes, dislikes, and passions. Find something your partner is passionate about that you can get involved with. For example, maybe your partner really loves tennis and you’ve never played tennis. Start taking tennis lessons and discuss it with your partner. Find passions that you both can share and it will invigorate your feelings and appreciation for the relationship.

10) Surprise:- You often hear people say, “I love surprises.” Surprises are fun because they are unexpected and show how thoughtful/fun a person is. Think of things you can do that will “surprise” your partner. But don’t overdue it because then they’ll come to expect surprises. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider:


» A classified ad in their local newspaper with a message just for them.


» An unexpected trip to see your partner.


» A video tape recording of you delivering a personal message and showing off some of your “a day in the life of me” events.


» A set of gifts that you give your partner when he/she leaves (after meeting you in person). The number of gifts correspond to the number of weeks until you see each other again. For example, if you will see each other again in eight weeks then you give your partner eight gifts, each one numbered. Every Monday morning he/she gets to open one of the gifts. It builds anticipation and increases your “thoughtfulness” skill in your partner’s eyes.

Lastly your long distance relationship can work if you put the time and effort into making it work. As l have said, “If you’re in love with somebody, you will swim the stream, you will climb the mountain, you will slay the dragon…”





7 ways to know a guy isn’t just into you

Image If you there and you have tried everything but yet you aint getting any “green light” obviously he is just not into you then….look below 4 obvious signs..


1.His actions dont match his words.  If he says he will call you and then you dont hear from him or if you suggest meeting up and he is too busy, he pobably isn’t interested in you.

2. He is not into you if he is still hooking up wit other girls. Or even youu catch him @ it, he is not ready to be wit you. He is just not worth the time if he is out looking 4 someone else. Pls save yourself the heartache and move on. You will be thankful when the right preson comes.

3. He avoids “the getting -to-know you” conversations! He really doesn’t want to get to know you better. He wants to know what he needs to know to get you into bed. If he really wants to know you he will ask questions about you,your life and what you want.

4.He is not just into you if he is not asking you out. If a guy is excited over you, he can’t stop himself; he will want more. If he is not making a move, it is not because he is scared’..He is just not feeling you.

5. He is just not into you if he doesn’t call you. He says he didnt have a moment his busy day to call you…that is pure nonsense!! If a man leads you to expect he will call and then doesn’t follow through such little thing,he will never follow through on big things. Beware he is okay with the idea that he is disappointing you.

6. If you have been dating for a month or more and have never met his friends, he isn’t that into you. When a man thinks he has found a jewel, he ll want to show her off to his friends, if he doesnt you aren’t the girl. Run for your life.

7. He makes last minute plans to see you. You are just so glad he calls that you dont realize that he is definitely not into you or he thinks that you have no life and would readily available at his beck n Call. If you accept, you aren’t scoring any point rather you are one of his ‘hit and run girl’ and not his number one girl.

The ball is in your court to either make your life worth while by letting yourself be loved by another who sees you as his all and not trash.

Tight Jeans Are Bad For Guys’ Testicles – Doctors says!!

Experts has revealed that the number of men suffering painful testicular problems is on the rise because of tight jeans.
Doctors, including top TV doctor Hilary Jones, have reported an increase in injuries being caused by the jeans.
Low Fluid count and fungal infections are also being put down to the tight-fitting jeans.
Dr Jones, who is working on a project to highlight the dangers, said: ‘I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight.
‘My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you’re not being restricted in any way.
‘Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers or underwear which is restrictive around the groin area could be damaging their health.
Other side effects of Tight Jeans
Twisted testicles
Bladder weakness
Urinary tract infections
Low Fluid count
Fungal infection