Super diva Rihanna has been making her peeps and folks worried about her out of control partying habits for months but it seems the ‘Where Have You Been’ star missing a flight back to the US after a night out in London was the final straw for mentor Jay-Z who has ordered the singer to get to rehab.

RIHANNA ,a 24 year-old hardly seems to miss a night out and has been frequently seen partying around the globe, visiting strip clubs and even hospitalised for exhaustion as well as her intense workload. But now Jay-Z has warned the ‘We Found Love’ star that he will drop her if she doesn’t get help.

A source close to the star said “Rihanna has been out of control for months. She was supposed to catch a flight back to the UK last week, but she ended up missing it, which was the final straw for management,”.

“Jay-Z hit the roof when he found out, and told Rihanna, ‘Go to rehab now or I’ll drop you from the label.’ She’s not happy, but she now feels she has no choice”.




At the time the star tweeted that Jay-Z had given her a day off to recover but sources reveal she needs much more than just a day to get back on her feet.

“She’s reached breaking point. Rihanna says she’s physically and mentally exhausted and feeling lost. I think she desperately needs help and some time off – not just from work but from all the other stresses in her life too,” the source added.


Further proof of RiRi’s hard-partying lifestyle is her continued dalliance with Chris Brown. She was spotted at the same club as Breezy last night (June 11), according to TMZ. Both singers were at Avenue in NYC — the same city where Rihanna’s naked Rebelle billboard towers over Times Square. The same city where she flashed her headlights in a see-through bra top, mind you

They both split within minutes of each other. While the left separately, they left at the same time. Perhaps rendezvousing elsewhere?

The diva blaims it on da news about Her grandma’s Cancer battle that she got has been making her distress and upset.

Its Don Jazzy again!!!!!!!!

Don Jazzy one of  the former musical group leader popularly known as “Mohits records” now “Marvin records” ; and like we all know he has been da boss in everything he does and as such he has never ailed in showing us his capabilities.



Mavin Records crew

Despite the fact that the group had gone apart with an ex member called D’banj who now resides abroad; the group who used to live together in the same house at Lekki, has sang a different tune now beacause Don Jazzy like his name recalls ‘”Boss” has to himself now a very big new mansion at “Nicon Estate” where he pays millions of naira as a yearly mortgage fee……he has proved to everyone that he still remains the DON!!!!………….congrats bro

Omoni Oboli becomes da latest brand Ambassador for Pz Cussons..

The beautiful and sexy Nollywood star actress, wife and mother to 3boys Omoni Oboli ;though she has been clinching deals after deals as an ambassador of various brands in the past; now she was proclaimed to the hearings of everyone as the brand Ambassador of Pz cussons with the whooping sum of $75000 worth of deal few days back;which came alongside another lucrative one with Venus range of products. She indeed has been able to soar very high in her career, blazing the trail with red hot performance…….



Congratulations Omoni!!!!!!!!

Star actress Omotola Ekehinde highest paid nollywood sta

Rumours; has it round that the ever glowing mother,super diva star actress which goes by the name Omotola Ekeinde wife to Pilot Ekeinde emerged the highest paid actress in this booming industry full of competitions…Omotola whom is said to go home with the sum  of 1.7million naira per movie back in those days; now does smiles home with a whooping sum of 5million naira… that is to say if Omotola acts a movie in six months she’s  gonna go home with 30million naira…..



Jezz!!!!! Omo sexy sincerely speaking i must say that i envy you real bad….keep up the good work girl!!!!

Fileeeeeeee!!!!!! ðøñ’t touch it……Dynamix Magazine Launches its Special Awards Edition!!!!

Its no longer rumour; rather its is news that the very ” KOKO” youth magazine popularly known as Dynamix magazine has finally unveiled tha very “freshest” cover page of its everblazing magazine to da whole world to see just few days ago…….which has gotten many tongues wagging ever since cos da unveiling of dis magazine cover has been long anticipated by the very fans & lovers of this youth magazine. As if that wasn’t “”Gbaski” enough; the very leading Nigerian entertainment magazine has decided to launch its special awards edition on Saturday, 23rd June, 2012 at their ‘SUB69 Lounge’ @ Magodo in Lagos, Nigeria.






Information i gathered from a very reliable source confirmed that this event is proudly supported by one of da very expensive & biggest wine designer brand “Hennessy” and provisions for ” Free” drinks has been made for everyone in attendance @ dis all Night event…..isn’t that too Kokolicious?


Also dat dayy there is going tooo bee special performances done by Davido, The HKN gang, Omo Akin, Show Da Don and Crew; alongside other top celebrities will be in attendance at the event.

The event is also proudly supported by Nigezie, Coolbeans, RM clothing, Nack Clothing and Osi from Beat FM.

I bet you don’t wanna miss out on this exciting event cos they are just too Dynamic…….Outch!!

Its gonna be too GBASKI so don’t  “DULL” by missing out!!!

There is no perfect man; this to all mi ladies…………

Searching for mr perfect will cause you nothing but heartaches. it is an endeavour in futility because no such creature exists; wondered why you seek perfection from someone else when you are not perfect yourself? why you place such an insurmountable obstacle in front of you? why you have made your life and relationships difficult because of such irrational demand? All of this can happen unless God sends down an angel to marry you, which is very impossicant, you have got to choose a humanbeing like the rest of us. Girls anyone you see enjoying a great relationship worked on such relationship. There are no shortcuts….. Perfectionalism may work well also work well in a novel, movie or Tv shows, but in real life it will frustrate you and lead you to massive pain. Are u thinking if you are compatible with this guy? Can you live with him in peace without going crazy? If your answer is yes, then you are in a very good place. You can deal with the ‘minor’ details later. However, if your answer is no or if you had rather dip your hand in a pot of boiling oil than spend time with this guy, I will suggest you look for another guy. Some of us ladies also considering fact that because your man ain’t got too much money; then for dat reason you thinking of throwing a relationship where u r been treated like a queen away? Gurl u had better think twice..

Some of us say cos a guy is too short, tall, huge, light n dark skinned and u are making dat a barrier to been happy with a man? then i think there is a big problem such person bcos its not an issue @ all.

Truth is; every woman u see happy in a relationship has done lots of work to make dat relationship sucessful n work with Patience, love, understanding , Απϑ above all she must ve valued what she had……Wε ladies should learn to value n appreciate what we got; it also pays to respect, value, then take the men in our lives just the way they are cos nobody is perfect….