Champs Bar & Grill Launching


Located at the heart of Victoria Island,No 7 Aboyade cole 3rd Floor Dream Plaza, Victoria Island Lagos, CHAMPS BAR&GRILL is the ultimate destination for the serious sports lover. from the moment  you step through the door, a great relaxing atmosphere set by the friendly staff, the music and the distinctive décor will captivate you with a promise of more…

The bar offers a wide selection of fine cognacs and whiskies, beers, local and imported draught to please all tastes, a great wine list selected to appeal to both amateur and serious wine drinkers. The cocktails range for the favorite familiar to the house specialty all for that cheer filled evening with friends.

The food menu is a mélange of delectable local cuisine and delicious continental grills with imported ingredients, and designed to guaranty an unforgettable experience that will make CHAMPS your favorite SPOT.





So ladies and gentle men you are officially invited to the official launch opening of CHAMPS BAR AND GRILL, Come Thursday, time is 9pm come witness the ribbon cutting and champagne on the house…don’t forget to wear your favorite jersey lets watch the world cup together it’s THE KICKOFF, Plus you can predict match scores and if you are right your bill will be taken care of by the house!!

Breathtaking is the right word for this guys!!! Don’t miss out on this y”all…Boom!!

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