Model And Jim Iyke Ex-Fiance Is Throwing A Birthday Bash For Her Dog [Pictures]

Keturah Hamilton who is a model & aspiring actress, more popularly known as Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke‘s ex-fiancee has found a new love after reportedly saying jim Iyke used and dumped her, you won’t believe who she is now in love with and about throwing a birthday party for the new love.

She is about to throw a birthday bash for her Dog! A friend of hers who she invited revealed

“So, Keturah my very good friend sent me a message to attend an impromptu birthday party this evening in her house located in Westchester County in New York City. Birthday bash in January when yours sincerely knows this super model celebrates her Bdays every September, Reading through her text message again which I thought she sent out as a result of the terrible cold weather in New York City, I saw a birthday Cake and a photo of her dog she calls ‘Brooklyn’! this is really the first time somebody would tell me to attend a dog birthday party.

So, who will cut the cake for ‘Brooklyn’ and how will this dog do her birthday dance? This is a serious matter. I have seen ‘Brooklyn ‘baby’! Well, one is tempted to attend this funny party this evening, but why in heavens name will I attend a dog’s birthday bash? “ She said

One thought on “Model And Jim Iyke Ex-Fiance Is Throwing A Birthday Bash For Her Dog [Pictures]

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