Updates on the Lagos State University (Lasu)Riot

Last night, some students of the Lagos State University (LASU) barricaded a section of the Ojo road, which leads to the school.

Speaking with an eyewitness, who remained anonymous, it was learnt that in June 2013, before the six months ASUU strike that ended in late December, the school authorities closed down the school’s website, thereby preventing students from further registration.

“Now that we have resumed, it is still the same thing. Exam is starting today and some students haven’t yet registered. The Vice Chancellor said he is not going to open the portal which means all the students affected will have extra year after paying 250,000 as school fees.

Most of the affected students paid N250,000 as school fees. Normally, the web portal is closed down a week before exam. The affected final year students will have to get an extra year. It won’t cost the  VC a dime to order the opening of the portal. That was the reason for yesterday’s protest,” one of them narrated. The students have vowed to stop the ongoing exams and are ready for a showdown….

culled from nigfilms.com

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