I made D’banj what he is today,He is my boy-OJB says


OJB jezreel the beat maker of 2Face’s ‘African Queen’ hit single who just completed his kidney transplant, lamented further that he, not Don Jazzy, made D’Banj as generally believed.

We can recall that during the ‘Save OJB Jezreel’ campaign championed by Nomoreloss, which was aimed at raising fund for OJB’s kidney treatment in India, there were reports that D’Banj donated an amount of money for the cause which OJB vehemently denied and implied that D’banj used his ordeal as a publicity stunt for the latter’s music career – an allegation D’banj neither accepted or denied! Speaking on Sunday during a thanksgiving service in Lagos to celebrate his successful kidney treatment.

In his words he said, see it after cut below…….

“quote me, we launched D’Banj’s music career and not Don Jazzy. D’Banj is my boy. He was always in my studio. Ask him when you see him and he won’t deny this. I knew about how he went to JJC in London. I also launched JJC. I don’t see the need to continue to celebrate him because he didn’t do anything to help me when the chips were down.”

Culled frm Nigfilms.com

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