Nollywood actress, Onyii Alex Pregnant For Married Tonto Dike’s Lover

Nollywood actress, Onyii Alex is on compulsory nine months course. Information gathered has it that, one of the hottest babes in the film industry is heavily pregnant and expecting a love child.

The actress is said to be dating a multi-millionaire Igbo lover who already has a wife known as Promise.Mr Promise was in a rumoured hot romance with Tonto Dike before Onyii was said to have allegedly snatched him from her.

Aside the pregnancy issue that she has entangled herself with, a source said that Mr Promise’s wife is looking for the actress who got pregnant for her husband and has threatened to deal ruthlessly with her.

On hearing this, Onyii has been hiding here and there to avert the wrath of the woman. To complicate Onyii’s matter, the man who put her in family way is said to have absconded to Europe when the troubles of his wife at home have become unbearable.

Lmao!!!! what a story…….hahahahahahahaha…na wa.

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