Controversial actress Actress Nuella Njubigbo Moves Into Tchidi Chikere’s Ajah House


I dont know if you guys heard any gist about controversial actor TChidi and actress Nuella sometimes ago. TChidi who is a movie producer, director have ended their love affairs, which actually kicked-off one year ago and led Mr. Tchidi to end his 9-years marriage with his wife after three boys.

According to the information gathered then, Tchidi had no choice than to end his illicit romance with Nuella as his in-laws and parents were struggling hard to settle the rift between him and his wife.

Meanwhile, sources have revealed that Tchidi and Nuella are still much together and presently having the best of times.

It was disclosed that Nuella, who recently passed out of NYSC has moved out of her Okota family home and has now moved into a new house with the producer at Graceland Estate, Ajah. This new development occurred few months ago.

Gist also has it that few weeks back, Tchidi was sighted at The Palms Lekki where he been patronising a furniture shop for his new home.

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