POISE NIGERIA Employers training school


Are you looking for an opportunity of becoming an employer? Dont look further because there is a school called “Poise Nigeria”, a place where dreams come to reality.

Its a place where Employer recognize more and more, the need to evaluate soft and hard skills which are job related in order to identify work ready candidates and engage top talent.

Therefore, the need for a credible assessment of work related skills – a major requirement in the employability skills map is inevitable.

This gave rise to the PSENSE Employability Skills Test (PSENSE).With information and technology growing at an expansive rate, companies are looking to hire certified top talent. The big question now is “HOW DO I PROVE MY PROFICIENCY TO ORGANISATIONS”

Get the PSENSE advantage, PSENSE isn’t just any test. It trains you as well in the following:

·         Grammar

·         Writing Skills

·         Use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power-point)

·         Problem Solving

·         Resourcefulness

·         Telephone Etiquette

·         Initiative

·         Microsoft hardware skills proficiency in the work environment

·         Creative thinking
·         Managing Conflict
·         Communication Skills
·         Time Management
·         Networking Skills
·         Professional Attitude & Behavior
·         Public speaking
·         Dressing to win
·         Personality projection
·         Corporate governance
·         Cultural intelligence
·         Business simulations

PSENSE certified candidates are top targets by employers. Go beyond average…Get PSENSE.

The PSENSE training and certification programme is a 12week, three (3) stage programme. Successful completion of the programme qualifies you for an internship slot with employers with numerous partners.

For Individuals: Take advantage of this programme to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. Promotional offers are currently going on.

For Organizations: Be rest assured that a PSENSE Certified talent, understands what it takes to keep costs low, quality high and exceptional customer service.

PSENSE is a training programme from Poise Graduate Finishing School. Endorsed by the NUC and The Presidency (Office of the SSAPYS), they take pride in their programmes and graduates with a successful employment rate of 85% over the past 3years.

Call now on 08039110918 (Henry) or 08062092783 (Niyi) or 08058955225 (Samuel) for further details. Visit their website- http://www.psense.org

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