Late Sunny Okosun’s Family Disowns Ethel


Late Sunny Okosun & Ethel

Sunny Okosun is not alive today to tell the world if former Miss Earth and Nigeria Project Director, Exquisite Face of Africa, Ethel is his daughter. She has had interviews where she spoke of memories with late Okosun, however, Sidney Ehimare Okosuns, on behalf of the Okosuns’ family has rejected her. The family issued a statement claiming Ethel is not late Sunny Okosun’s daughter.

Read the statement below after cut…

‘We wish to state categorically that Ms. Ethel IS NOT our sibling. She is not the daughter of our father. Our father had four children: Sidney Okosuns, Michael Okosuns, Adesuwa Okosuns and Ebony Okosuns. This is not the first time Ms. Ethel has … used our late father’s image and likeness as “name dropping” to achieve whatever affluence she seeks. She needs to stop identifying herself as the daughter of the Ozziddi great musician.

‘Years ago, Ms. Ethel as a teenager [allegedly] wandered into our Yaya Abatan home. Our parents ran a liberal attitude home, welcoming visitors and strangers to our sprawling Ogba Estate. Thus, our home was always busy with people from all walks of life.’

In an old interview, Ethel had said, ‘Of course I do. He was a tremendous support to me. He was the man with a big heart who loved people and wanted to work with everybody. He wanted to affect lives and that was what I learnt from him. That no matter what you do in life, you must impart on people’s lives. For him, it was about giving back to the society and I miss him greatly. I wish he was here today.’

Interestingly funny a revelation, or dont you guys feel so too?

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