Save Pa Kasumu-Nollywood actor needs 12million naira to live


It has been noticed that yoruba movie star actor, Olukayode Odumosu popularly called Pa Kasunmu, who is suffering from cardiovascular disease is yet to be attended to by his colleagues.

  The Yoruba movie colleagues have reportedly abandoned him and have allegedly not made efforts to help him raise the needed N12 million to stay alive.

Reports says Pa Kasumu hasn’t been audible as expected, Pa Kasumu who is weak at the moment Said “none of them has showed up to know how I am faring….it’s only my son that’s been taking care of me”.

Tunde OOdumosu’s son confirmed the news, asking for the support of Nigerians.

The doctors are afraid it might spread further to other organs in the body.

“We sincerely hoping that we can get well-meaning Nigerians to help raise funds so that he can get proper treatment‘, Tunde Odumosu said.

You can help save his life by donating into the account below:

Olukayode Olugbenga Odumosu;
Diamond Bank :- Account number: 0036059543.

God bless u guys as you save a soul today.

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