Stella Damasus Rivals Ebube Nwagbo…Floats Hairline

Highly controversial Stella Damasus has shown her love for Ebube Nwagbo’s kind of business as she has just floated her own hair brand called Adiva.

Ebube, if you remember two years back came out with her own hairline called Posh Hair, and ever since the sultry actress started the hair business, she has grown in leaps and bounds. This, according to people in the know, might have led Stella too to dabble into same kind of lucrative business.

Though, Stella too, just like Ebube, has undying love for good hair, this, we gathered, has propelled her into providing women who love style, class, glamour but also those who spend wisely, with a new brand of wigs.


Adiva Hair, as we were told, also has a new brand of Afro puffy twist for braids. This is totally different from what ladies are used to seeing in the market. This puffy hair is very soft and mild and won’t hurt the fingers of your braider, it’s very light and can last for as long as you want.

Oya all my ladies go grab your copy NOWWWWWWW!!!!!

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