binabo Calls For Special Prayers Over Incessant Death In Entertainment Industry

The president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima, has called on her colleagues in the entertainment industry to come together and put an end to the incessant death being experienced in the industry lately.

Ibinabo sent out a Blackberry broadcast message this morning just when the industry was yet hit with another death; Justus Esiri.

                                                       See her unedited message below and it says,

“With the incessant death occurring in the entertainment industry this year, it’s high time we put a stop 2 it. We must surrender our lives to Almighty God irrespective of our religious believes.

“Let’s come together and embark on prayers and commit our industry and practitioners to God. We need serious Prayers. We must reject death in the entertainment industry.

“Join us irrespective of ur status, age, believes,profession, etc, Let’s pray. Let’s Save Nigeria, let’s Save the Entertainment Industry. Only God saves.

“Ibinabo Fiberesima, President Actors Guild of Nigeria.”

In less than seven days, four people in the entertainment industry have died. First, it was Lugard, a former Lagos AGN secretary that slumped and died at the National Stadium in Lagos at about 5:30pm. By 7:30pm, Goldie died same day (February 14). The next day, an Abuja-based actor, Colins, died. Yesterday, Justus Esiri died. May God help us oh.

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