Top yoruba actor Murphy Afolabi impregnates a young makeup artist

One of the Lagos based make-up artistes, Arayinbogoke Busayo, has disclosed that the father of her three year old daughter is Murphy Afolabi, the actor/producer in Nollywood.

The 20-year-old make-up artist, recently mentioned him as the biological father of her daughter, Moyosore who is said to be a split image of the talented actor.

According to the story, Murphy and Busayo met at a movie location in Ikorodu, Lagos early 2009. Busayo, in company of a friend of hers, Kadijat, an actress, came to the location to to check on her boyfriend, Adekola Tijani better known as Golugo, and Murphy allegedly used that opportunity to talk Busayo into a relationship.

The girl said, “First, I was reluctant, but after troubling me for a while, I agreed to date him and he had s*x with me flesh-to-flesh”

Thereafter, Busayo got pregnant and claimed that the fair-skinned actor was responsible for the pregnancy.

However, Murphy when asked about the pregnancy and Busayo’s claim that he’s responsible for it, bluntly denied it.

Three months later, the lady was delivered of a bouncing baby girl, subsequently, Busayo and her mum went to Murphy Afolabi’s family house in Osun State where she was reportedly told that such a case is not new to them, as many ladies have at different occasions come to them bringing pregnancies, or babies, saying Murphy is responsible for them.

Chei!!!! this guy def is some sharp bad guy……………….Lmao!!!!

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