I Don’t Know Why I Always Want To Be Around Annie–2Face Confesses

2Face Idibia has confessed in a recent interview that he does know how to describe the feelings in him which always make want to be around his wife, Annie Macaulay.

The multi award music star said this when asked if he believes in the fairy tale kind of romance or if real life has been something different to him. The Idoma-born singer responded, “Love is understanding, so, for me, I don’t think there is anything fairytale about love.

“I just believe that if there is this person you can cope with or blend with, for some reasons you cannot explain, you just want to hang with this person all the time and anytime you are not with that person, there is something missing, then you can describe that as love.”

When further asked if Annie makes him feel what he described above, 2Face, in his usual humorous manner answered, “Na so e be my brother because if no be like that, we for no dey talk that story by now.”

Awwwwwwww!!! this is what i call L.O.V.E…..nice one ther Tubaba!!!!

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