Police arrests late actress Bisi Komolafe’s husband over property

I dunno if some of you can recall me publishing sometimes lastweek about late actress Bisi Komolafe who died on Newyr’s eve; and that her” Husband to be” as refers to by the deceased family…and since its been a thug of war after the death of the actress over her properties which they believe are in possession of Tunde.

Below  is another  gist concerning the same man..Read it.

The family of late actress, Bisi Komolafe have used the police to arrest and detain Tunde Ijaduola for failure to return the properties of the late actress.

According to metroNews it was gathered that Tunde was arrested on Tuesday at his family house in Epe and was brought to State Anti Robbery Squad office in Ikeja where he is currently cooling off as a guest.

Last week,he returned the Honda Pilot car to her Ikorodu house but still took a Tv set which he claimed was his inheritance from his late dad.

I yours truely will keep you posted with more details.

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