Cossy Ojiakor – Men fantasize about me because I have lovely body features

Since her entrance into the movie industry about a decade ago, she has sparked off more controversies than anyone in her category.

Cossy Orjiakor is one of the most talked about actresses in Nigeria, even though many can’t seem to remember the last movie she was in.

Her frequent raunchy pictures on twitter have created a lot of buzz for the video vixen cum musician, keeping her name, and ‘assets’ in the news.

And even though the ‘naughty queen,’ as she sometimes refers to herself, is criticized by many, the tiny-voiced actress boasts about being the only actress in Nollywood that has never dated or slept with an actor. (Really?) Excerpts :

You are one artiste that doesn’t seem to care about what people say about you, how do you get the boldness to do so?

I do actually care about what people say about me, but I don’t care about what biased people say about me.

Do you think you are always being misunderstood in the media?

No, not really. I’m very down to earth, I don’t pretend. I’m as real as they come.

How do you feel when you read or hear false stories about you?

I take them as one of those things. Then if the person peddling the false story is worth it, I reply and clarify things. If the person is not worth it, I ignore it

I’m sure you must have a lot of men running after you?

I don’t really notice. Maybe, maybe not.

Has it occurred to you that a lot of men out there fantasize about your body?

Yeah. They fantasize about me because I have lovely body features. The type dreams are made of.

Is that why you flaunt it a lot?


You seem to be confident with your body, do you think it makes people judge you or think lowly of you?

I don’t know

What’s the craziest thing you ever heard about yourself?

When they link me up with men I have never met before, like the coach or the footballer that was said to have bought me my SUV. Wish he could buy me a race car too (laughs).

So how do you relax when you need to?

I love massages

How would you describe yourself?

I really can’t describe, but I’m deep.

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