Label Boss Adopts Late MC Loph’s Son

News reaching my throne of grace indicates that Obiajulu Jnr, son of late MC Loph, who died in a fatal accident in 2011, has now been adopted by his late father’s record label boss, Emeka Morgan of Morgan Entertainment.

Morgan reportedly said in a statement that it pains him to know that virtually those that claimed to be the late singer’s friends have left MC Loph’s mother and her son, who was in pregnancy stage when his father died, alone and made them not looked after as MC Loph would have wished.

Obiajulu was given birth to in March 2012 by her medical practitioner mother, Nkiru, who was also involved in the accident while on their way for their traditional marriage.

The statement reads,

“MC Loph’s family became my second family from the very day that unfortunate incident happened and I have been living up to expectations. This is not a joking matter.

No one prays for a thing like this, but once it happens, it’s no time to start feasting on it negatively. None of these people who called themselves MC Loph’s friends have deemed it fit to even pay a visit to his mother and yet they maintained they are his friends and Morgan. As for Obiajulu Jnr. (Loph’s son), he has been adopted by me, which makes him my son and as his father, I have and will continue to be responsible for his upkeep”

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