Brymo, son of a Kapenta confesses, “ MI, Ice prince overwhelmed me”



BRYMO real names ASHIMI OLAWALE  known for songs that make one think and beats that make you move (remember  ARA and Good Morning ) has dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album,  The Son of a Kapenta, finally. Fast assuming the status of a timeless singer of songs of love and affection, Brymo successfully melds soulful sensuality with the realness of his hip hop which is fast wooing fans. His budding music career rises since he joined AuduMaikori-led CHOCOLATE CITY, a music and entertainment company with the   vision of creating a space for talented Nigerian youths on the music landscape. At close encounter with BIODUN KUPOLUYI, and a posse of journalists, seated  Maikori and Ice PRINCE, DJKASS,  recently, Brymo exudes and combines the rare qualities of youth,  energy, intelligence and soul that are the marks of so many great stars.

Your debut album, what would you say makes it different from your first effort?

I have this obsession for RnB especially R.Kelly so all my songs I would like to write like R Kelly, so I  when my first song was out people liked it, especially  the people in my area,  Okokomaiko, Lagos.  I sold like 2000 thousand copies myself, so I started asking myself why didn’t it go places, why not have an album that will go all over the nation, so I started to note that people liked and love the talent and creativity in it but the truth is that it was just a collection of sweet songs and it was left for me to actually make a better impact so the audience can go ‘wow, ‘wow’.  The song, I concluded must be saying something the audience needs, it must be connected to the audience. So by the time I decided to record my next album I worked more on having more local contents.

Beyond the singles, do you also have other genres in ‘The Son of a Kapenta’?

Yes, I have a little of house song, fuji, a little of juju, rock and a lot of pop, actually, but most of all everything is covered in the Pop and Fuji soul feel good songs.

You constantly mentioned Fuji, do you have a Fuji music background?

Not necessarily, I only grew up in a home where my parents played  a lot of it  and by the time I grew up I started to listen to more of western  music , my parents are not so educated so they wouldn’t play  any music that is not local.

Like many notable artisteswill say that they started as choristers in the church,  but you are a Moslem, where did music start for  Brymo? 

I would rather say I’m lucky,  my mother was  from  a Christian hme  and  my father a Muslim and you know how Yorubas are, when you’re married you  practice your husband’s religion , but luckily for me,  I used to go to my grandparents’ place during the Christmas period so I used to follow them to  the church, so I pretty much grew up as a Liberal and I think I know both religions but basically I started out as a scholar in the Mosque and by the time I was like 17 years old  I was the second- in- command, (laughs)  the only person that could  talk to me was the Imam, that was the only authority. So  when I got that little fame it got to my head (laughs)  and when  I was 18, I decided to chase music for  life.

Winning the Headies in October and the Channel O awards in November, how do you feel?

That was really good because I only got the nomination from one single so my management and I have always chatted on  What Good Morning  would l bring and the rest of the album so I  was expecting a bag full of  awards since.

You did not come to Lagos with MI and Ice Prince from Jos when uou met these big fishes in the bi ocean were you not overwhelmed or doubted if you could survive it?

Yes, of course, I’m still overwhelmed like in 2009 that I was looking for a record deal, I added AuduMaikori on FACEBOOK, he accepted but I never spoke to him.  I went everywhere else and I couldn’t come  here because I was thinking  MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jags they’re rappers first of all,  this is not going to work, so,  I didn’t even bother.

( AUDU MAIKORI cuts in)  But can I say this?  I saw Brymo on MTV, that was the song,  Surely.  I love the song  and I remember my wife and I was like ‘ who is this guy? ‘I fell in love with the video and sometimes one guy called me and where like he shot the Brymo video, and that’s why Jesse shot  Pump it up.

(Brymo Continued) … So that’s why in 2010 the first quarter I was waiting for someone to dash me money    when Denrele called me and told me that I needed to call  MI so when I called I spoke with Abuchii, and he said Mi wasn’t around but I needed to come to the house that I should just come to the house, then when I went,  I met Jesse Jagzs and the first thing he said to me was ‘ Come I have something for you, so we went  to the studio and he played me a song and said do you have anything you can do with this so we recorded the song like four hours and in two weeks later  the song actually made Jasse Jags album,  Jack of all Trade , the song was called L.O.E.U and it was at the launch party that I met MI  properly and Audu. The first thing Audu asked me was “do you smoke?

(Laughs) and I was like “Noooooo” You know in my head I was like if you want to get a recording deal you must not smoke and then everything happened so fast. I was already travelling to London, like the first time when MI asked me ‘do you have a passport?  so he got me one and the first time I will ever travel to London I was overwhelmed and this is a BIG  family working together and it has  been amazing.

Can you share your parents’ impressions of you now?

Yes, I think right now I can say they are happy even though they are still worried been the only child I expect that too, but I believe they are more, more than happy now, it’s one thing for a child to be stubborn about what he wants to do and it’s another thing for the child to be really doing that thing, so I  think if I’m a parent myself I think I will be worried if my child says he or  she wants to do music, they are so many  things to worry  about lke girls, girls but when you start to do it and still keep your promises, of course, they  will become happy.

Now girls, girls, girls in screaming droves, how are you coping?

Well, I wish I can, I’m trying, and the thing is female fans are very important to an artiste, if women don’t like your music just pack your bag and leave. So I actually intend and hope to get more female fans.

Do you smoke now?

Ahmm, Ahmm, recreational.

What if he had admitted he was smoking, what could have happened

It could not have made any difference. Do you smoke? (Laughs).

Curlled from E-247

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