Nollywood award winning actor and host of MTN sponsored TV Reality show, MTN Project Fame, Benjamin Joseph has confessed to been separated from his wife and mother of his two kids. He made this shocking revelation while answering questions on an on-line radio station, Reel Radio last Wednesday. Joseph had previously informed Nollywood Insider in two separate interviews that he was not married but not searching, finally like a repentant sinner before the priest, revealed his long hidden love life. “Okay, hmm. Prior till now I always tell people I’m not available. People always back off when I say that. And they wonder why he says that. I have tried to keep my personal life private and my professional life, of course, public knowledge because you can’t keep that away from the people. The reason I have done that is to be able to give a good balance to my family, my two very lovely kids; my ten- year- old daughter and seven- year- old son. You know I’m very proud to have them at this point of time in my life. Well, people ask, what about their mother, well, their mother and I are no longer in marriage but we have a very good arrangement on how to balance their lives to make sure that psychologically they are stable and unaffected by our separation. I played a very terrible role in their lives and they are still a huge part of my life and business. That is why I have kept all of these away from the public. I need them to be away from the public, press and stuffs like that. I do not need to bring their lives up to the public. And you know for you to be messed up; the press, the people and all should leave me. They should be kept that away so I can be able to come to agreement on how to balance their lives. So that is, let me clear the air once and for all. This is because a lot of people have been hammering on it. Yes, of course I was married and I am no longer in the marriage.”

Benjamin Joseph has been on the rise in his acting career in recent time. Since he started to co-anchor MTN Project Fame he has been the choice of movie producers. His credits include Tango With Me, Married But Living Single and Mr and Mrs to mention a few. He has also been on the winning streak as he won the prestigious  Afro Hollywood’s African Film Awards and the Best of Nollywood 2012 respectively as the Best Actor of the Year.


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