Monalisa Chinda’s Ex, Dejo Richards, Reacts To Rumoured Marriage Woes; Says, ‘My Marriage Is Intact’

Ex-husband of Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, Segun Dejo Richards, has reacted to the news that his nearly two-year-old marriage to his wife, Lamide is presently in trouble and on the brick of collapse. Dejo, whose marriage to Monalisa packed up in 2009 due to an alleged domestic violence, remarried in January 2011 to a US-based Lamide.

There were reports last week that Lamide was on the brick of divorcing Dejo over another alleged domestic violence in the marriage.


Reacting to the story through a press statement made available to by his publicist, HOB Media, Dejo claimed that there is no iota of truth in the story. Dejo said through the statement that he and his wife got to know about their reported imminent divorce on the internet.

The statement reads below,

“Our attention has been drawn to stories circulating about our client, Dejo Richards. This story was also unprofessionally reported in Encomium newspaper. Elements of the story includes Dejo Richard’s marriage crumbling and also that Dejo Richard married his wife for financial gains. All these are totally false allegations that will be taken up legally.

“Firstly, none of the publication can provide the proof that the marriage has been dissolved. All they reported are hearsays. None of the publications including Encomium failed to speak with both Dejo Richards and the wife before they went to press. The two got to learn about their own break up on the internet. 

“On the issue of Dejo Richard marrying for financial gains. It is sad that people do not know who Dejo Richards is and they just write what they feel will get their papers sold. Dejo Richards comes from a very influential and financially stable family. We will not go ahead and drop names, but his family is well respected.

“Dejo on his own is an entrepreneur who studied in the United Kingdom. You will remember that he is one of the founders and co-owners of Question marks label. He owns his own production outfit at the moment and he is producing for TV stations across Africa, London and Europe.
“It is unfair that his name or is marriage is being dragged in the mud. Magazines that published the false story without any proof will soon get letters from Dejo’s lawyers. 
Hazeez Balogun
HOB Media”

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