Faith onavba and the Morgans day out…..Photos

This is yours truely, myself Faith Onavba alongside ”THE MORGANS”, Obi it was a very fun day at Shoprite you know; thou when i remember when i almost fell off the Elevator because of my very long skirt that hooked my heel shoes that i missed my stance off the Elevator and my legs were @ the tip; but thanks to Obi my friend who was with me who gripped my hands tight that saved me from getting embarassed *wink*….Oops!!! guess you must have wondered how it would have been too.

Later had turns of Ice-Cream with different flavours till i had enough of it;  also that day got very beautiful gold jewelries as a gift from my boo from the jewelry section….later we forged ahead to some very exquisite Restaruant to eat ”NKWOBI PEPPERSOUP” must confess that it was very delicious and tasty with some very chilled drinks to go with it… was indeed a splendid day that i will never forget in a hurry.  See pictures after the cut….

  My friend Obi and myself

yeah that’s me taking some shot

Patricia Morgan a.k.a (My P), Obi, Uche Morgan, Boo, myself.

just Me rocking my Katherine K deisgners hug skirt..

My own very C.Morgan and myself

Obizzle and myself…

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