Bad News Trails Yoruba Actress, Lola Alao


If there is any rumour currently going round the city now, it’s about Lola Alao’s style of wooing men she wants for herself.

If you recall some years ago that her ex husband alleged her of being too diabolical, recently, some of her friends who happen to play one or two roles in the Bisi Ibidapo-Obe and Dino Melaye’s pregnancy saga said she is one woman to distance when it comes to matter of the hearts.

They alleged the beautiful actress to be full of deceits. How? They said whenever she tries to settle any discord between her friends and their husbands or boyfriends; she ends up snatching that person from that friend with her voodoo power.
They cited so many instances that we looked into to ascertain the allegation and we found them out to be baseless.

Is this really true or someone somewhere is just trying to defame the good name of the actress and presenter?

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