Okada man forced to suck passengers breasts-Photo


 In a bid to curtail crime and indecency in Osun State, the state of the virtuous (ipinle omoluabi); the state government constituted a military task force known as SAS(Swift Action Squad) to enforce the ‘omoluabi’ principles in the state. It happened in Osogbo, the Osun State capital few weeks ago, but I didn’t believe until I heard an eye witness report few days ago.

A lady was caught dressed indecently by SAS. According to the eye witness, her blouse covered just half of her breast. She was asked to dismount the motorcycle she was riding on, and the Okada rider was asked why he allowed such nudity on his motorcycle. They were both punished by the Swift Action Squad (SAS).

No one would say much about a punishment meted out to someone dressed provocatively in a society that doesn’t accommodate such dressing, but questions need to be asked when the okada rider is forced to suck his passenger’s breasts.

According to the eye witness, the lady was ordered to bring out her breast to the full glare of passersby since she was proudly flaunting it. As if that was not enough, she was ordered to breastfeed the okada rider. The okada rider pleaded with them stating his ongoing fast as the reason why he wouldn’t do what they wanted, but he had to oblige after he was whipped severally.

The state government has distanced itself from the actions of the task force and has encouraged citizens of the state to report any member of the task force that whip civilians. Whether actions would be taken against members of the task force that forced the breastfeeding remains to be seen. However, many inhabitants of Osogbo, the Osun State capital seem to be appreciative of the SAS’ s act as they believe it will curb indecent dressing.

Source: InformationNigeria

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