Hehehehe!!! Eedris Abdulkareem blasts Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo


The close to a decade trouble between ex Nigeria’s president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem was on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at a leadership forum when Obasanjo reportedly asked how a sane person could call Nigeria ‘jagajaga’. which i published previously.

Is as if that got Eedris he then went ahead to his twitter page to reply Obasanjo and wrote:


“It is obvious that Obasanjo can’t do without me. I am his joy therapy. Mr ex-president, Nigeria still dey ‘jagajaga’. Infact, ‘worst pass jagajaga’.

Now here is another Eedris response to Obasanjo:-

“President Obasanjo, if you truly love [President] Goodluck as you claimed, why don’t you talk to your fellow Boko Haram member to let Goodluck rule in peace?

“Watch out for my new single ‘Obasanjo na my friend’. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

“Mr ex-president, I heard you were talking about me in your last interview. Hahahahahhahah, it’s obvious you can’t do without me. You are my ‘mugu’.

“Obasanjo ‘na my mugu oooo’. ‘Na jeje I dey, you dey look for trouble oooo’. Hahahahahhahahahahhahahah.

“Obasanjo, thank you for making me a star. Infact, talk more about me. I am inspired.

“This is 12years after, innocent people are dying. Boko Haram is bombing hard and ‘you say Naija no jagajaga? Mr ex-president, ‘you be my mugu’.”

The rapper later ended with a message to his fans by thanking them.

“Let me use this opportunity to thank you all for your love. May Almigthy ALLAH protect us all from the evil of insecurity in this nation. AMIN,” Eedris concluded.

Will this be the end of the saga between Edris n Obasanjo or it is just the beginning?

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