I Want To Date Yul Edochie-Ghana Actress Confessed!

 Like ωε all know this is 21st Century and anything can happen. For this actress who has a crush on Yul Edochie, it’s nothing special but an expression of feeling. 


Christabel Ekeh, a Ghana-based actress with Nigeria and Ghana ancestry has confessed her undying love for Yul Edochie, son of Nollywood super actor, Pete Edochie. 

Although the light-skinned undergraduate of the University of Legon, Ghana has never met Yul in person, she said she’s trying to control her crush for the handsome actor. 

The delectable actress is also aspiring to work with him on set. Hear her, “I love to meet him on set. Naturally, I used to have a crush on him but actually I can now control myself (laughs). I will keep it till I meet him. I haven’t met him in person and I am looking forward to that, I think if he sees me, he will want to have dinner with me (laughs) or have a date with me. Most definitely, I don’t even think I will have to ask him out because he will go on a date with me. At least, I am very beautiful. I mean if you love someone in this age you don’t hide your feelings. We are in a fast world so no need of hiding your feelings; I am expressing my feelings towards him. I think he looks sexier when he acts rough. When you love someone, everything he does, you will love.”

Its not a small things ooh!! Biko Yul answer this lady oh…lol!!


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