15 Year Old Nigerian Girl Secures Admission to Study in Havard


 15 year old Saheela Ibrahim (pictured above) was accepted into 13 schools, which included Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, University of Chicago, North Caroline, Pennsylvania, Cornell and 4 other Universities. She picked Harvard. She will be heading to the university this fall to study neurobiology or neuroscience. 

The high school senior at Wardlaw-Hartridge private school wasn’t sure any university would want to admit a 15 year old, so she filled out applications to 14 schools with her grade point average (between a 96 and 97 on a 100-point scale) and her 2,340 SAT score (a perfect 800 on the math section, a 790 in writing and a 750 in reading). 13 schools accepted her, including six of the eight Ivy League schools.

Saheela will be among the youngest members of Harvard’s freshman class.

Saheela wants to become a research scientist who studies how the brain works. She credits her parents with teaching her to love learning and work hard. Her father, Sarafa, an analyst and vice-president at a New York financial firm, would often study with her at night and home school her in subjects not taught at school. “I try my best in everything I do,” Saheela said. “Anyone who’s motivated can work wonders.”

Wowwwwwwwww!! is alll i can say. Determination begats sucess. 

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