Yoruba Actresses Are The Best Dressed – Anjorin



It is a tough task trying to schedule an interview with Yoruba actress, Lizzy Anjorin. In between finalising last minute preparations towards the screening of her latest movie, Kofo Tinubu, later in the month, Anjorin says she does not hesitate to say Yoruba movie genre has come of age.

Like a lone voice in the wilderness, the slender role interpreter starts off by making a case for Yoruba actresses.

“I will not blame anyone who is of the opinion that Yoruba actresses are not well dressed or educated. It is because some of them behave and dress odd that some people tend to classify them as such. We are having good stories, we work hard. Despite the fact that we do not earn as much as the Nollywood stars we still wear the best clothes. I must credit them for that. Some people may not really understand what I am saying, but I know that they are not really earning much money. But none of them has an excuse not to dress well, from head to toe.”

In her new movie in which she played the role of a mentally challenged child who survives the condition to become a star, Anjorin says she hopes it will assist in correcting some misconceptions about people in such state.

“I want people to be aware that I did not set out to do this movie because of money. I want the parents or guardians of these special children to know and learn things about them. While it was very challenging playing the role of an imbecile I was just trying to show the world that they are blessed with special skills that are yet to be discovered. The idea came about in a very funny way as I was just joking and dancing when my manager asked if I could write a story along that line.”

Like some others, Anjorin did not initially plan to go into acting.

“While studying Banking and Finance at the Olabisi Onabanjo Polytechnic, Ogun State, I wanted to become a banker but I later changed my mind after discovering an innate acting talent. And destiny took its course.”

But as they say, stardom demands a price. In the actress’ case, privacy and scandals ‘born on the pages of soft sell magazines’ are a big headache to her.

“I cannot hop on a bike and I don’t have a private life because our stories as celebrities spread fast. Some people just sit down and write things that happened over 50 years ago. They romantically link me with someone I have never seen or met in my life. This puts a strain on my relationships, because at times, some people may believe all what they read,” Anjorin says.

The actress who adds that she was once rumoured to be dating one of her colleagues’ hubby, notes ‘‘This is a man I have neither seen. I did not even attend their wedding. Thankfully, my friends know and trust me well.’’

For now, Anjorin who has moved up in her career since releasing her first movie, Tola Gbarada, in 2005 says she is busy with a new project.

“I have just started an NGO, Lizzy Anjorin foundation which will be concerned with the mentally and physically challenged in the society. My project is not all about just giving them money or rice, but to teach them how to fish so they can be useful to their parents and the society at large. I will also organize special talent hunts competitions in school so that they can highlight their talents to breed healthy competition.”

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